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Nabokov's Grader & Other Stories

"Here are fiercely realized stories that document the tribulations and wonders of marriage, family and literary ambition. A stunning work by a consummate professional. NABOKOV'S GRADER & OTHER STORIES is a must read."
--Rick DeMarinis

To order NABOKOV'S GRADER & OTHER STORIES, copy and paste the following link:

The Taos Truth Game

"A historically intriguing, fancifully packed debut by writing professor (Earl) Ganz imagines the largely forgotten life and work of gay Jewish novelist Myron Brinig, who landed among the gossipy, insular set of Taos, New Mexico's artists during the mid 1930s."
–Publishers Weekly

To order THE TAOS TRUTH GAME, contact your local bookseller.

Animal Care

"ANIMAL CARE is a rare collection of stories that are funny, wise, chilling and caring. Earl Ganz is a fine observer of those postures and oddities of contemporary existence that most of us do not often see. He has written a book that deserves much acclaim."
--James Welch

Though ANIMAL CARE is out of print, copies can usually be found through abebooks.